The Design Manager: Successful Management of the Design Process by J. Daniel Jenkins

The Design Manager: Successful Management of the Design Process

A guide for those interested in becoming or learning more about Design Managers and real world Design Management strategies.

What's included?

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Section 1 - Course Introduction and Guiding Principles
About the Author
Guiding Principles of Design Management
The Design Manager’s Role and Responsibilities
Applying the Guidelines
Section 2 - Early Project Design and Risk Assessment Activities
Identifying Code and Statutory Project Requirements
Condition and Code Assessment Activities
Existing and As-built Drawings Information
Design Risk Assessment
Section 3 - Space Programming Guidelines
Owner/Operator Program Input
Space Program Format
Standard Space Program Factor Utilization
Section 4 - Project Implementation and Contracting
Implementation and Contracting
Integrated Form of Agreement or Integrated Project Delivery
Section 5 - On-boarding, Management of and Collaboration with Design Professionals
Procurement Methods
Requests for Proposals (RFP)
Management of Design Professionals: DBB vs. DB vs. IFOA
Section 6 - Design Implementation Strategy
Project Background
Design and Implementation
Limits of Work, Design Schedule and Soft Cost Estimate
Design Management Strategy
Design Packaging Strategy
Assumptions and Exclusions
Section 7 - Soft Cost Estimating
Establishing the Foundation for the Estimate
Preparing the Estimate
Monitoring the Estimate via Metrics
Section 8 - Quality Control - Quality Assurance
Construction and Contract Documents
Construction Phase – Construction Administration
Section 9 - BIM Level of Detail and Design Phase Deliverables
Building Information Modeling (BIM) Level of Detail (LOD)
Design Phase Deliverables
Section 10 - Maximizing Your Design Reviews
Design Review Software
Meaningful Design Reviews Improve Milestone Deliverables
Section 11 - Design Change Management Strategies
Change Management Process
Section 12 - Project Closeout Procedures
Final Design Deliverables and Turnover Procedures