Theme Park Architect - Private Consultation by J. Daniel Jenkins

Theme Park Architect - Private Consultation

A private one hour consultation with a Theme Park Architect will provide those with the opportunity to learn more about Theme Park Architecture.

What's included?

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Private Consultation
Learn More From a Pro


When will the private consultation occurr?

The one hour long private consultation will be scheduled after the purchase of the consultation. J. Daniel Jenkins will email the session attendee after the purchase of the consultation and schedule the time accordingly to meet each person's schedule needs.

What will be discussed during the private consultation?

This private consultation is for those truly interested in becoming a theme park Architect, learning more about the themed entertainment industry, or to learn more about becoming a Walt Disney Imagineer. Mr. Jenkins requests the attendee provide a list of topics they would like to discuss via email when the private consultation is being scheduled. It should be noted, this private consultation is to learn more about the themed entertainment industry and how Architects and Imagineers play a role in that industry. The private consultation is not a means to gather proprietary information or secrets of Intellectual Property (IP) of current themed entertainment projects either in design or under construction.

How long is the private consultation?

The consultation will be one hour long.

How will the private consultation be conducted?

The private consultation will be either via a telephone conference call or a video conference call. The session attendee will chose which method they prefer to speak with J. Daniel Jenkins.