How to Become a Theme Park Architect by J. Daniel Jenkins

How to Become a Theme Park Architect

A guide for those interested in becoming a Theme Park Architect!

What's included?

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Section 1 - Introduction and Intent of this Course
My Theme Park Architect Journey
Applying the Guidelines
Section 2 - Brief History of Amusement and Theme Parks
Brief History of Amusement and Theme Parks
Section 3 - Architectural Degrees and Education
Architectural Degrees
Section 4 - Work Experience, Talents Required, and Portfolio
Work Experience
Talents Required
Section 5 - Communication Skills and Job Interviews
Communication Skills
Job Interview Tips
Section 6 - Technical Skills
Technical Skills Overview
Codes, Regulations, and Building Systems
Facility and Site Development Computer Software
Theme Park Architecture Technical Skills
Section 7 - Path to Professional Licensure and Continuing Education
Path to Professional Licensure
Post Licensure Continuing Education
Professional Architectural Institutions and Organizations
Section 8 - Your Character and Team Integration
Your Character and Disposition
Team Integration
Section 9 - Course Resources
Resources and Website Links