During the initial assessment phase of the project, the Design Manager should try to locate all existing as-built drawings, specifications, structural calculations, etc. for an existing asset (or adjacent assets that may be impacted). This effort should not only include the facility as-built information, but should also include existing civil, landscape architecture, etc. drawings and files. It is suggested the Design Manager perform this effort prior to commencing any Condition and/or Code Assessments. 

The Design Manager should have the as-built information as a part of the deliverables to the Assessment team to use for reference and validation of existing conditions. From previous experience, it is suggested this existing as-built information be placed in a central location (Box, Drop Box, project server, etc.) to ensure all applicable assessment and project team members can reference this information throughout the duration of the project. Though acquiring existing as-built asset information may take some time, it will prove to be a valuable resource for the Design Manager, assessment team, design team, and construction field team.

The Design Manager: Successful Management of the Design Process

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