1. The Design Manager is the sole individual whom is financially accountable for the quality of and timely delivery of the design deliverables. The Design Manager shall ensure that regardless of any project schedule and/or budgetary constraints, the quality of the design deliverables is not compromised.

2. For each project, establish and incorporate a baseline level of design deliverables quality that is consistent with the corresponding level of technical complexity and risk specific to the desired outcome of the project.

3. The Design Manager, and subsequent design talent, shall be involved at all levels and phases of design, of the project. This includes early design phase code and condition assessment efforts, assisting the Project and/or Construction Manager in the construction procurement and contracting strategies, and the construction phase through project closeout.

4. Ensure the Design Manager is a responsible individual (RI) that is an equal partner on the project’s management team. The Design Manager shall have a seat at the table and influence the project’s success.

5. The Design Manager shall be accountable for and provide leadership in the formulation and evaluation of all design related items, including soft cost, design risk, design schedule, and quality of the design deliverables.

6. The individual in the Design Manager role shall be looked upon by the project team, Owner’s and Clients as a trusted individual that can bring both technical expertise and leadership to the project.

7. The Design Manager shall act as the functional leader of both internal and external design talent and shall be the responsible individual for all design related activities from the project’s inception through project closeout.

8. Successful Design Management processes shall be flexible enough incorporate new technologies and software to assist in the timely delivery of the project’s design without incurring excessive cost to the project.

9. The Design Manager shall employ effective communication skills to the design team members, project leadership, Owners, Clients, and all applicable external Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).

10. If the team and/or project leadership decide to deviate from the guidelines and standards of practice, the Design Manager shall be involved in that decision-making process and offer commentary to any long-term implications.

The Design Manager: Successful Management of the Design Process

A guide for those interested in becoming or learning more about Design Managers and real world Design Management strategies.

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